8 thoughts on “Campaign Quandry

  1. Pay sites for news bad.

    I guess the deciding factor in your running would have to be whether or not you plan to pursue town politics in the future. If so, its important to get your face out there if nothing else, so I’d run. Otherwise, let somebody else deal with the headache.

  2. Yes, but it’s difficult to get local news on the Internet without paying for it, if only because there aren’t as many local news source as there are state and national news sources.

    And I have no idea what I want to do with town politics, now or in the future. I suppose that’s my dilemma.

    Since I think that the person running will probably do a quite fine job, I kinda don’t want to run against him. I said before that I was mainly doing it because nobody else wanted the job and I thought that it ought to get done. Then again, since I’ve looked into the whole process more now, I’m kinda excited about it and want to give it a try.

  3. Well, you can always run on the premise you’ll probably lose, but make it a glorious defeat, so that in the future you’ll have recognition when you try to install yourself as Grand Dictator of the Charlton Imperium in late 2023.

  4. Yes, but that’s what he’s in the middle of doing. :)

    He ran against Mark Carron for State Rep. in November and lost 5,823 to 10,908. But I want him in a public office somewhere, since we need more conservatives.

  5. But if you run, you’ll already have a conservative in a Moderator position, and it will free up your competitor to run for a State position.

  6. You can only learn from the experience, and lose nothing really… Go for it!

    In other news, when do we four (finally) want to get together?! :)

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