House Building Update

Here’s the news from my mom:

Dad called to find out about your building permit. He was told it was
not ready, and it has a date stamp of March 4th (even though he has a
receipt dated February 7th). The building inspector had some kind of
accident and broke his ribs, so they don’t know when he’ll be back at
work. Dad tried to call the builder, to see if he can push something
along, since there is a part-time associate building inspector, but
there was no answer. The good news is, your address is 194 Berry
Corner Road.

2 thoughts on “House Building Update

  1. You also have been assigned a telephone number. Why they assign this before any infrastructure is beyond me but thats how they do things…

  2. But I already *have* a telephone number that I plan to use (since I’m taking my VoIP service with me), and in fact don’t plan to use their phone service at all.

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