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I just spent a good chunk of yesterday evening and this evening setting up a wiki on Hopefully, this will make it easier for Jessi and I to edit it, and maybe we can have some sections for all our friends to edit if people are interested. I also added on a quotes page, porting over Jessi’s original “Welcome to Mass. Academy” page, as well as adding a few more quotes.

5 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. Wow. That is the most locked down Wiki I have ever encountered. Is the security supposed to be set up that way, or are you just having a hard time with the configuration?

  2. Yes, I set it up that way. If people are interested, I’ll open it up more. I just wanted an easy way for more than one person (mainly me and Jessi) to edit our site fairly quickly and easily, and using a Wiki seemed like an interesting approach. I figured I’d lock it down to just us two, at first. I can’t imagine what others would want to put on our web site that we’d want to have there, but if you can think of something, I’ll be happy to open it up some.

  3. For instance, being able to view the Contributed Quotes page, or to add to it, would be good. Also, allowing users to modify their own information pages would be nifty. Of course, Wiki may just be a poorly fitted CMS to what you’re trying to do — I’m not sure what your vision is for this site.

  4. Hmmm.. I meant for ContributedQuotes to be publicly editable, but apparently it didn’t quite do what I expected, and I think I horribly broke it while trying to fix it. I’ll have to take a look at it later.

    I’m not sure what my vision is for the site either.

  5. Okay, I think the issue with the ContributedQuotes page is fixed for now.

    Although I’m still not sure what my vision is for the site.

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