Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

Well, I’ve seen other people doing it, so why not follow the crowd for once. Here is a list of 10 things that I’ve done that you probably haven’t, in no particular order: I’ve

  1. Scored an Out on my high school softball team from the position of Scorekeeper.
  2. Become a level 1 Magic: the Gathering judge
  3. Gone to Costa Rica 3 times
  4. Enjoyed learning and using Scheme
  5. Seriously considered purchasing a 26-port networking switch or two for my home
  6. Itemized the deductions on my tax return
  7. Completely reconfigured my home network, including replacing hardware, merely so that I could try running IPv6
  8. Attended a rally on the Mall in Washington, DC
  9. Got my name and picture on Microsoft’s web site
  10. Started my three WPI projects in reverse order (MQP, IQP, Suff) and completed them in the correct order (Suff, IQP, MQP)

4 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

  1. I haven’t done any of those, but …

    4. Enjoyed learning and using Scheme


  2. Within two months I should have done number 10, if you consider the *starting* of my *CS* MQP and the *ending* of my *physics* MQP. The actual order was: start CS MQP, finish CS MQP, start IQP, start suff, start physics MQP, end suff. Soon I’ll finish IQP and then finish physics MQP.

    Also, I’ve done number 4.

  3. Yes, but I think that you, me, and a couple professors at WPI are the only ones there who did #4 :) (At the very least, it’s a small portion of the CS people there, it seems.)

    And I suppose that the MQP I started is a different one than the MQP I finished, too… But having more than one MQP like you do kinda throws things off a bit.

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