Plans changed, but are okay

So, the tournament organizer had emailed me a couple weeks ago asking what my availability for judging the prerelease this weekend was. I figured that this meant that they were planning on me being there. Apparently, the TO kinda dropped the ball and didn’t need me after all. (This would have been okay if he told me ahead of time, but being told at the event was kinda disappointing.) So, Jessi and I played in a flight each, and came home before the snowstorm. It now looks like the forecast is for up to 3 feet if we’re unlucky, so I think I’m just as happy to be back home. Plus, to make it up to me, the TO gave me $5 off the entry price and promised that I could judge at the Grand Prix in two weeks. I’m looking forward to helping judge a high-level event like a Grand Prix.

And, I’m quite happy with my performance today. I went 2-1-1 to bring home 3 packs, and my matches were generally close, fun, and interesting.

We may go back tomorrow if the weather’s good enough, but I wouldn’t count on it. But if we do, does anyone want to join Jessi and I for a team event tomorrow? (The gameplay is individual matches, but you’re ranked in the event as a team.)

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