House building and well drilling update

The bad news: We’re getting only 2 gallons per minute from our well.
The good news: That’s good enough since it’s 500 feet down. There will be roughly 600 gallons sitting in the well, which should be a good enough reserve for us even if it replenishes relatively slowly.

So, the well-drilling people are going to sign the water-is-okay form, which was the last thing blocking our building permit. Assuming we get that okay (and it may take a month or so), then we can start construction in the spring, right on time.

2 thoughts on “House building and well drilling update

  1. Sounds like it will work as long as you don’t water your lawn. Any idea if the water you get is of good quality? Hopefully the use of your well will not draw sediment into the cracks that are feeding your well.


  2. Yeah… We won’t be able to fill a swimming pool or water the lawn for several hours straight, but we’ll be able to wash the laundry while taking a shower, and that should be good enough.

    As to the quality, I have no idea at this time.

    And I forgot to mention: The well people will be back later to try hydrofracturing some more, which may increase the flow more… But we have enough to get the permit now, which is the big milestone.

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