Snowstorms are sometimes not fun

This weekend, I was planning on going to the Magic prerelease on both Saturday and Sunday. I was planning on driving home in between those days to sleep.

The problem, is that it looks like there may be a big snowstorm Saturday night. The NWS says that “This is expected to be a potentially life threatening situation for those who venture out during the height of the storm Saturday night and early Sunday.”

So, the options I see are as follows:

  • Stick with the original plan. This likely will cut down the amount of sleep I’ll be getting even more than I would expect, since I’ll get home later and need to leave earlier. And then there’s the increased chance of a critical failure.
  • Stay at the hotel next door for roughly $200.
  • Attempt to stay awake the entire time at the event site. (Events run all night, too, although there are less of them.) This idea is crazy.
  • Leave the event earlier on Saturday, and go back later on Sunday if the roads are clear enough. Presumably, the people expecting me there are understanding, but I’d really like to be there as much as possible both days.

Suggestions? New ideas? Rating of how interesting this post is?

9 thoughts on “Snowstorms are sometimes not fun

  1. While I can’t volunteer Kate’s house, she was planning on having people stay over this weekend because of arisia so you might want to ask her. My apartment has 2 extra beds (one’s an extra long twin and the other’s a fold out matress) so you’re welcome to stay with me but it might be a little odd because it’s a one room studio apartment. On the plus side, it is in Boston and it is free and it would be great to see you (and Ryan’s sick so he can’t come like he was planning so I’m going to be lonely since I was expecting company).
    On the interesting note: 6.5/10

  2. If free housing at a friend’s house doesn’t work out, tell the organizers that because of the weather if they want you to be there judging the whole time they’ll have to pay for someplace for you to sleep. Then either you’d get a free hotel room (problem solved) or permission to leave early (problem solved).


  3. I forgot to mention, this post gets an interesting rating of 2*Pi/10. The post about voice over IP was a bit more interesting, say e^2/10. (Yes, I’m using irrational numbers for no good reason)

  4. Kate lives 20 minutes away from the end of the redline – Alewife, but she has spare bedrooms in her house. I’m directly on the greenline, 5 stops away from the major hub Park (change for the red, green, and a passage way to the orange lines). I would suggest getting directions to Alewife and leaving your car there because parking on my street is sketchy. Apparently the Bayside Expo Center is across the street from the JFK / UMass station on the red line, so you’d take the green line back to park from my apt and then change to the red line going towards Ashmont/Braintree (either would work). If you’d still rather stay with Kate due to the privacy issue, at least Alewife’s on the same line as the JFK stop. It’s up to you (and of course Kate).

  5. Oh and there’s also the Arisia issue that would hold true for both Kate and me. We’ll be at the Park Plaza Hotel, which is near the the Arlington T stop most of the weekend. What time is the Magic Tourament going until? I don’t meeting up with you at Park, but I’d need to know when.

  6. Whew. That sounds much more complicated than I want to try to arrange at the last minute… We’d be parking at Bayside, anyway, using that as our base of operations, and we may stay at the tournament quite late depending on how tired we get.

    I appreciate the offer very much, but I think we’ll just either stay there or go home before the storm gets too bad and go back when the storm lets up. They may change the hours due to the snow, anyway.

  7. Well considering it’s 3:00 am and I just got home…I don’t think you have to worry about staying at the tournament later than I stay at Arisia tomorrow night. The offer’s still open if you want to stay inside Boston, but I understand that it’s easier if you don’t. Maybe next time when you’re in Boston and it’s less hectic for me, we can at least meet up for dinner. I figure I owe you since Jessi’s been so generous. (-:

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