House building update

The well-digging has gone down 500 feet, and they haven’t hit enough water yet. Sometime soon (possibly today), they’re going to try “fracturing” it, where they seal it off and pump in a bunch of water to cause oodles and oodles of pressure (on the order of 1000 to 2000 p.s.i.). It’s my understanding that hopefully this will create more fractures and connect the well to nearby underground streams. Hopefully, it won’t damage my parents’ well in the process.

As a side note, there’s another unpatched IE6 vulnerability out.

7 thoughts on “House building update

  1. While that might be quicker, I suspect that nukes might cost more. This is already costing more to do than we initially expected (although we knew that setbacks might occur).

    Besides, the environmentalists would never allow it within 200 feet of a wetland. ;)

  2. Yeah, and the remaining 0.1% would have all this space and resources to themselves. They’d be happy (if bacteria had emotions).

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