Random Life Update

Jessi and I went to the traditional (now 10 years running) New Year’s party on my Mom’s side at The Big House (my aunt and uncle’s place) in Middlefield, MA. Lots of fun, food, and games.

Today, I went back to work after having last week off. Not a whole lot of new stuff, but we’re continuing with improvements to our web site.

Yesterday, I got word that the truck for drilling our well for our new house arrived, and was planning on starting work today.

Now that I’ve found myself with a little more time now that school’s done, I joined B Nomic. I mentioned Nomic once before, I think: it’s a game where the playing pieces are the rules of the game. I find the concept very fascinating.

For Christmas, I got a UPS for my computer from Jessi’s parents, and a digital camera and very nice networked printer/scanner/faxer from my parents. I now have 5 nodes on my home network.

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