House Building Update

We got an estimate today from a real estate person about the value of our land and the value of our house once it was built. So, we brought it to the bank and signed oodles and oodles of forms, occasionally with inaccurate information that the manager promised to correct later. (Apparently, they missed a decimal point somewhere and had down my bank account assets as being ten times what they actually were. Also, the form saying how much we needed to pay back eventually was blank, indicating that we wouldn’t need to pay anything. They didn’t want us to sign that one yet.)

So, things are coming along. We’re still waiting on the digging of the well, which has been held up due to all the rain lately. But things are somewhat on schedule.

Strange Things

A couple things I find somewhat amusing:

  • I write a detailed list of my future plans and get no commentary or feedback (which is fine), but then I write about the weather and generate a significant, interesting discussion.
  • I finally upgraded to FreeBSD 5.3 last night (after compiling it earlier this week). When my system came back up, I was getting pings between my box and my cable modem (which are directly connected with a cable) of greater than 50 seconds. I think that it would have been even longer if I kept on trying the pinging. I was getting “watchdog timeout” errors on my console too. Apparently, there was some sort of device conflict or something with my network card. (I added hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" to the end of my /boot/device.hints to fix it, in case anyone else is having similar problems.)

Public Service Announcement

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for Southern Worcester County. (Note: link is for current weather info, so if you click it tomorrow, the same info likely won’t be there.)

Power outages are expected to increase late today from the Hartford Springfield region to near Worcester and Providence as well as the high terrain near the blue hills southwest of Boston.

So here’s a friendly reminder: Save Early, and Save Often.