Random Life Update

I’m having trouble sleeping again tonight, likely at least in part due to this persistent cough that’s leftover from my cold. *sigh*

I played in an Unhinged booster draft at Wedge gaming tonight. It was much fun. I came in 2nd place, and got most of the rest of what I need to have a complete set. All that’s left for me to collect is Staying Power, Super Secret Tech, and ideally a completely-blank-with-silver-border filler card that I saw existed when someone opened one at the tournament I ran last week.

In other news, I’m running a Standard Constructed event at Card Stop in Dudley next Thursday (the 16th) at 6:30pm.

I received a nice letter today, starting “Your mortgage loan application for property located at 190 Berry Corner Road, Charlton, MA has been approved…”. Of course, the property isn’t really at 190 Berry Corner, since that’s my parents’ address, but it doesn’t have a number yet since we need to loan to build the house so we can get a number. Hopefully, that won’t cause too many screw-ups. I’ll try calling them to see if we can get it changed.

Today (the 11th, even though I haven’t gone to sleep yet) is my birthday. My age is now a palindrome.

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  1. Yay! Now I get to give my brother a tu-tu since thats close to twenty-two, right? jk I think I’ll give you your presents on the 18th since its between Christmas and your birthday.

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