Homeschooling our kids looks better and better

Next Wednesday, Newton North High School is hosting a “Transgender Bisexual Gay & Lesbian Appreciation Day”, where students are taken out of classes for an all-day event to attend seminars on homosexuality, answering questions like “What happens when ones gender identity does not match their sex?” and “What does it mean to be a family?”.

Two main issues I have with this: First, it’s using public funding (that is, my tax dollars). Second, parents haven’t been notified. From what little I can gather on the Internet, apparently there was some disagreement last year about whether parents were notified, and this year I haven’t found anything other than Article 8‘s update that just states that “parents haven’t been notified”. (It is on their school’s calendar, but I don’t know if parents check that on a regular basis.)

So, I urge support of the strengthened Massachusetts Parents Rights Bill. At the very least, parents ought to know about this kind of thing going on, and have the choice to have their kid not attend.

1 thought on “Homeschooling our kids looks better and better

  1. I’ve always been dissapointed that today’s teachers do not educate. They babysit and spread lies. I haven’t decided if I prefer home schooling or private schools. With private schools they get a chance to interact and develop social skills. However with home schooling you get to watch them grow up yourself. Either way though I would only be able to do it for grammar school. For high school they can attend a public school. They will have had a good upbringing so would know what is truely acceptable and unacceptable even though the world has other standards. Also, if they are totally isolated then they won’t have a chance to evangalize.

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