House Update

So, yesterday, Jessi, my parents, and I chatted with a Builder person. We chatted over the possibilities, and we’re now planning on having a built-there house instead of a built-off-site-and-shipped-there house. We think that building it there reduces the risk of damage during shipment and increases our options and customizability.

This week, we should be getting approval from the Board of Health and Conservation Commission. After that, we just need to get a loan, clear the land, put down hay bales, dig a well, get utility poles put in, get a building permit, and build a house.

We also discovered some interesting coincidences: The builder’s daughter was in one of the first classes at Mass. Academy, and the person whom we’re considering drawing up the Official Plans was one of my sister-in-law’s teachers at Millbury High.

I’m very excited about the house. Hopefully, we can get everything done by this Spring. (It’s looking like worst case would be July or so, with the possibility of earlier if everything goes well.)

Busy Weekend

Friday after work, we had Julia and Ryan over for supper, and then we went to Gaming Weekend and played muchness of games.

Saturday morning, Jessi went with her family garage saleing. In the afternoon, Jessi, her sister, and I went to Gaming Weekend for my tournament. 16 people showed up, and it was a lot of fun. Oddly enough, the final championship-deciding match came down to Jessi vs. her sister. Jessi won. (See final results)

Today, we went to church, went to my parents’ house, had lunch, helped them put their pool cover on, and helped clear the land for the lot where our house will end up going. On the way home, we stopped at a pet store and picked up a Betta fish. He is named Vizzerdrix (after the Magic card) and swims in a bowl on our coffee table.

Tomorrow, we go to Sturbridge for a family gathering, and then back to Worcester for Mrs. Lamarche’s calling hours.