Software Archeology

Digging through ‘s code is fun! (I’m assuming he won’t have a problem with me posting this; I’ll be happy to take it down if he does.)

  • Dim X As Integer 'OH MY! A Single-letter Variable name!

  • 'Should Earth's gravitational acceleration change, please modify this value accordingly.
    Private Const cKilosPerPound As Double = 2.2046226

  • 'So far as I can tell, this code is obsolete. It is kept on the off chance
    'something will break if we delete it. If you get bored, try
    'removing it and see if anything blows up.

  • 'If we're charging the customer upwards of $500,000 shipping, it may indicate
    'an error has occured (in much the same way fire on the wing of an aircraft
    'may indicate an error has occured).  Alert the user and ask if they really
    'want to do this (in much the same way the ILS might present you with a dialog:
    '                   +-------------------------------+
    '                   |                               |
    '                   | (?)   Plunge to fiery death?  |
    '                   |                               |
    '                   |       [YES]         [NO]      |
    '                   +-------------------------------+

8 thoughts on “Software Archeology

  1. The next line is

    'Perhaps we should find a better way to indicate errors.)

    But, I didn’t think that it was needed. I slightly edited some of the comments to remove information that wasn’t really needed to get the humor across.

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