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So, I have pictures that Jessi and I took in Costa Rica, although many came out fuzzy or with fingers in front of the lens. I also have a copy of the pictures that were from the team camera. I would like to share these pictures with other people. The problem is, these pictures total over 150 megs, and I’m not sure where to host them. Yahoo’s got a photo service, but the UI stinks and you can’t get the full-size picture back from them. (They have thumbnails, and you can click the thumbnail to get a slightly larger picture, but I don’t think they store or let you get back the full-size picture again. At least, I couldn’t figure out how.)

I could host them off of my computer, but (a) I don’t have that much upload bandwidth, (b) Charter could get testy if I start hosting big files off my computer, and (c) I don’t want to go through the hassle of making thumbnails and gallery pages.

Does anyone else have a suggestion, or a way for Yahoo to do what I want?

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  1. There are always flat-out PHP modules that will allow you to do what you’re trying. I could probably be convinced to set on up on if you’ve got less than 40 MB of photos.

  2. I heartily concur.

    I miss John. I realized when I came out of my first evening class Wednesday I was looking for his car as much as Pete’s… that and I could always get John to come over for dinner.

    I never see you anymore either, Adam.

  3. I FTP files larger than that in and out of my home PC all the time. I’ve never gotten a complaint from charter.

  4. Well, the files total over 150MB, and my second paragraph describes why I don’t want to host them on I may end up doing so eventually, but I’d need to acquire some Free Time somewhere.

  5. I completely fail to see how this would manage to haul John into Worcester, as much as that needs doing.

  6. Well, the team photos I only have in digital format. I have physical copies of our personal photos, but they are of distinctly suboptimal quality, as I mentioned in my first sentence of the posting.

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