Sleepless night :(

So, we went to Wedge Gaming last night, which was good since we got to play games and see All Sorts Of People who we haven’t seen for the summer, plus meet some new freshmen.

And then we went home. We started trying to sleep at about 10:30 or 11, but the people upstairs were playing Loud Obnoxious Music, which made sleeping very difficult. Eventually, at about 1:30, Jessi was kind enough to go upstairs and ask them nicely to turn it down a bit. Quite kindly, they did. Unfortunately, our sleep schedules got interrupted enough that we couldn’t get back to sleep. So we’ve been tired but unable to sleep since then, and have been playing around on the computer and just generally Wasting Time. (Jessi continued her adventure in Black & White, which runs much better on our new computer than on her old one.)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a nap sometime today…

And if you have any interest in Magic: the Gathering, and you’re somewhat near Worcester, don’t forget my tournament next Saturday afternoon. It’s looking like it’ll be a real fun time for all.

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