Another Life Status Update

  • We’re getting a fancy new computer. A Dell Dimension XPS, 19 inch flat panel, fun fun fun. It’s scheduled to arrive next week.
  • I am in fact planning on running a Magic tournament at WPI SFS Gaming Weekend the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. (More Details)
  • I start my final grad class this fall, starting after Labor day.
  • Today’s a day for relaxing. It’s nice to have those every once in a while.

2 thoughts on “Another Life Status Update

  1. I hope you enjoy your new computer. :)

    Have you studied probability and statistics? I have a probability question that I have no idea how to answer! (If you know someone who might actually *want* to answer this for me, please pass it along and let me know.) :)

    There are 52 cards in a deck. 12 of them are kings/queens/jacks. If 10 cards are drawn, what is the probability that at least 5 of them will be kings/queens/jacks?

  2. I’ve studied it some, and think could figure it out if I had enough time and could find some old notes… That sounds very similar to some questions from CS504. But right now, I have to get ready for work.

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