Water & Staring at screens

We now have both hot and cold running water. This is a Good Thing™.

I spent my evening eating supper, playing an hour of FF3, and watching Planet of the Apes with my lovely wife. I’ve never actually seen the Apes series before, so it’s nice to finally the first installment of it. We bought the DVD from Wal★Mart shortly after we got married (along with a bunch of other just-moving-in stuff), and finally opened and watched it today.

Tomorrow after work, I plan to catch the second-to-last episode of Enterprise. The series isn’t spectacular, but it’s Star Trek, so I feel a compulsive need to watch it somehow. Anyone’s welcome to come over at 8 if they’d like to watch it with us. Now that my wife is done with her Wednesday class, she’ll get to watch it with us too.

UPN is supposed to announce on May 20 whether or not the show will be back next season (Source). Hopefully our TV will last that long, too—The sound in it has been futzy lately, and it is rather old. We got it from my aunt when we got married because she didn’t need it anymore. I’m hoping it’ll last until we move out of the apartment at least.

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